Tuesday, October 03, 2006

All Football, No Pink

Ew. This is the grossest NFL season ever. We are a quarter of the way through the season and I don't think there is a single team that looks like a legitimate Super Bowl champion. Every team I want to say looks great, ends up showing up a number of flaws the next week. It's a nice feeling if your team hasn't been performing particularly well (I'm looking in your direction New York Giants), knowing that a team can't be that far behind. So let's take a look at some of the "best" teams in football.
Baltimore, Indianapolis, and Chicago are the only three undefeated teams left in football. Can anyone remember the last time when so few teams were really good? Even looking at those three teams, has anybody really been that impressed? Chicago looked unbelievable against Seattle the other night, but let's not forget that Seattle's biggest weapon was out. It was incredible that nobody gave any credence to the fact that Shaun Alexander wasn't in the game. Chicago also barely escaped Minnesota with a win the week before, so let's relax before we annoint Rex Grossman as the greatest QB ever. The defense looks excellent, just like last year, but I'm not sold on this team as Super Bowl champs just yet.
Speaking of defense, wow the Baltimore Ravens know something about that. Can anybody find out exactly what drug cocktail that Ray Lewis is on? Has anybody scared you this much, ever? But that offense is STILL TERRIBLE. If I have to hear or read one more thing about how "Steve McNair is winning games in Baltimore," I'm going to vomit. That guy is barely holding on in Baltimore. He should be writing thank you books to Ray Lewis and everyone on that defense. On the other hand, this defense won Baltimore a Super Bowl a few years ago with Trent Dilfer and Tony Banks calling the shots. I do think McNair can contribute more than those guys, so it'll be interesting to see where this team can go. Their schedule is pretty light not including that brutal AFC North. Either the Ravens, Steelers, or Bengals are missing the playoffs, and if Ben Roethlisberger doesn't start playing the way he should it's going to be a lonely January in Steeltown.
And when you think of lonely Januarys, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and overevaluated teams; you have to think of the Indianapolis Colts. I am not getting hooked into this Indy trap again. I am simply not impressed with these guys. Yes, Peyton drove the field in the clutch against the Jets the other day. Yes, the Colts passing attack is more potent than ever. That lack of a running game is going to get to them soon (the game against the Jets was really the first time Addai and Rhodes looked remotely competent). Their defense is non-existent to boot. I don't care how good your passing attack is, without a running game and a solid defense, you can't win football games. I've watched about 10 quarters of Colts football, and just have not once said to myself, "wow, this team looks unbeatable." The Giants and Jets offenses were able to pick that defense apart. If not for a few lucky bounces against the Giants and the Jaguars, and the determination of Peyton against the Jets this team would be 1-3. I know it's not fair to point out woulda, coulda; but it merrits a mention.
Parity has caused the league to really bunch up a good amount in the middle there. Even the teams that are 0-4 haven't looked god-awful to me...except the Raiders. They are bad, like really bad. They play the Niners this weekend, I'd rather watch pee-wee football.

Games to Watch
Cowboys at Eagles, 4:15 FOX
Obvious reasons there. I can't wait to see what that Philly trash does to O.D...I mean T.O.

Giants at Redskins, 1:00 FOX
Giants must-win, Redskins have to get on a consistent track.

Steelers at Chargers 8:15 NBC
This is a biggie. Let's see if Phillip Rivers can bounce back from that heartbreaker in Baltimore...oh yeah and the Steelers season could be on the line.

Baltimore at Denver 9:00 ESPN (Mon. Night)
I promise you that Baltimore loses this game. I also promise you that the Under is the safest bet I've ever seen.

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