Wednesday, October 04, 2006

EPL Power Rankings

There is really so much to cover in the world of international football right now, that I couldn't possibly write about it without boring the death out of you. So instead I introduce my Power Rankings through the first 7 round of the EPL season. I'll try and keep it short and sweet. By the way I have discovered a great show on Fox Soccer Channel. Every Tuesday night you can catch Fox Football Fone-In at 8PM (time varies depending on games and such.) The show is hosted by two very knowledgable, very likeable Brits, and they discuss EPL, Champions League, and MLS. On to the rankings.

1. Manchester United (1st in table; 5-1-1; 16 pts)
The fact that Rooney has been playing in very poor form and this team is still at the top of the table speaks volumes. The brilliance of C. Ronaldo has been spectacular, he and Saha are carrying this team.

2. Arsenal (8th; 3-2-1; 11 pts)
I know this seems odd here. They started the season very rough to say the least. And there are 6 other teams in front of Arsenal on the table, but this team is fuego. Cesc Fabregas is unbelievable, Arsenal fans are really enjoying Gallas.

3. Chelsea (2nd; 5-1-1; 16 pts)
Their one loss was very flukey at Middlesborough. The draw against Villa says a lot about that club, but this team just has not clicked. They have not shown the chemistry and the quality we have come to expect from Mourinho coached clubs.

4. Aston Villa (6th; 3-4-0; 13 pts)
I am so impressed with this team. I can't tell you how well they have played despite all the controversy they had coming into the season. David O'Neill is without question the best manager right now. The draw at Stamford Bridge was hard fought, this team is going somewhere.

5. Everton (5th; 3-4-0; 13 pts)
I put Villa ahead of them simply because of the win at Chelsea. This team can play just as well, if not they are better. Cahill and Johnson are playmakers in every sense of the word. I promise you they will be in the top portion of the table at the end.

6. Portsmouth (4th; 4-1-2; 13 pts)
This team started fuego, and have since been cooled off significantly, by insignificant opponents. They had better get back to the pace they started off on. I think they are playing back to their true form.

7.Bolton (3rd; 4-2-1)
I probably should have placed this group of guys higher, I'm not 100% sold on them yet. I love Big Sam, I think they are playing well together, and they have made the Reebok an impregnable fortress. Ask Liverpool.

8.Blackburn (9th; 3-2-2; 11 pts)
Started really slow, but starting to come together. This team plays dirty, and are uber-dislikable. Every time I watch them I like them less and less, and their manager is a real pompous prick. Still they have been catching fire since Chelsea spanked them.

9. Liverpool (10th; 3-1-3; 10 pts)
This team is garbage. The excuses are coming out now that they are really a European style team, not English style anymore. That is why they perform so well in Europe and not so well in England. Whatever the case, they don't look good.

10.Reading (7th; 4-1-2; 13 pts)
Yeah, you read that correctly. Reading, the new boys up, are playing unbelievably well. Rumors are surfacing now that they are in the lead to get Freddy Adu (very strange) and he could be wearing blue and white by January.

11.Fulham (11th; 2-3-2; 9 pts)
This team plays so hard, but they just don't have that much skill. It'll be interesting to see how long they can keep up that determination and the hard work to keep level.

12.West Ham Utd. (16th; 1-2-4; 5 pts)
This team has spun wildly out of control. I don't get it, they started the season solidly, then they picked up the Argentinian duo and have just completely lost it. Rumors are circulating that the team is about to be sold, and Big Phil may come over from Portugal to manage. I still think they are good enough to compete.

13. Newcastle Utd. (13th; 2-1-4; 7 pts)
Ugh, please play to your potential. I think it is slowly coming to the realization of everybody that Glenn Roeder really isn't that good. I like him as a person, I think he's a decent manager, I just don't think he's cut out for this.

14.Tottenham Hotspur (14th; 2-1-4; 7 pts)
They really miss Michael Carrick more than anyone thought. Lennon comes back over the fortnight's break. They're finally starting to pay well, it's about time.

15.Manchester City (12th; 2-2-3; 8 pts)
These guys are terrible. They finally won their first game since the first round on Saturday, they are by no means even mediocre.

16.Watford (19th; 0-4-3; 4 pts)
I think this team is really good, when they are at home. They give everyone a good fight, including Manchester United. Watch the Fulham game from Monday and tell me you don't love the way those teams play.

17. Middlesborough (17th; 1-2-4; 5 pts)
It's shameful that their only win is against Chelsea...shameful for Chelsea that is. These guys are mis-managed and undercoached. They have the personnel, Garteh Southgate just isn't ready yet to manage.

18. Wigan Atl. (15th; 1-2-3; 5 pts)
I haven't had a chance to watch them play, but from all accounts I haven't missed much.

19. Charlton Atl. (20th; 0-1-6; 1 point)
As bad as that record looks, this team is not that bad at all. They have shown flashes of quality, they have had a couple of really tough losses with PK's and such. Darren Bent has been playing great.

20. Sheffield Utd. (19th; 1-2-4; 5 pts)
When you watch this team you just get the feeling that they are not anywhere near as good as the competition. I feel bad for them, it's going to be a long year just to get to relegation.

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