Monday, October 15, 2007

Power Rankings

It's another international break, so here is another edition of my power rankings. For those of you who don't think I know anything I would like to take this time to tell YOU THE READER, that I am currently ranked 1963/82,457 on I Know The Score. THat is the Official Premier League Predictor website. I'm just saying, I know a thing or two. On to the rankings!

1. Manchester United
I'm not saying I don't love what Arsenal are doing, and they may just be the best team in the world. There is one thing that bothers me though. They haven't really played any tough matches away from home. They've won some good matches at home, but when you consider that they've only played outside of London leaves a little bit to be desired. Manchester United started the season so rough, and to only be two points off the mark is very impressive. They are the champions defending, and they deserve to be here.

2. Arsenal
If they can maintain their current form going into the match at Anfield next month, I will coronate them as kings of England. Until then, I'm simply unimpressed with continuous drubbings of Bolton, Tottenham, and Steaua Bucaresti.

3. Manchester City
What can you say about this team. They play gorgeous football, rooting for them is absolutley infectious. I hope they fight for a Champions League spot all season. The goings are still early though

4. Liverpool
Rafa is an idiot. This team should be in first by a country mile, instead he rotates and rotates and watches wins turn to draws. Fire Benitez.

5. Portsmouth
Harry for Chelsea! I love their manager. This spot is probably an aberration but they do play damned hard down there on the South coast.

6. Chelsea
My beloved Blues are slowly coming back to life. A 2-1 win over Valencia, 1-0 at Bolton and a nicely timed international break will likely bring everyone back around to rememebering who they play for.

7. Aston Villa
HE'S HERE! HE'S THERE! HE'S EVERY-FUCKING-WHERE! ASHLEY YOUNGGGGG! ASHLEY YOUNNGGGG! (note: for some reason he cannot be found on the England National Team)

8. Blackburn
Just can't win close games for some reason. Start putting more balls into the net and they will move up.

9. Newcastle
Model of inconsistency

10. Everton
Read spot #9

11. West Ham
12. Wigan Athletic
13. Birmingham
14. Reading
15. Sunderland
16. Tottenham
17. Fulham
18. Middlesboro
19. Bolton

20. Derby County
This team will be relegated, watch them now because you will probably never see them again.

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