Friday, August 11, 2006

The Knicks are Dead

The New York Knicks are dead. This team has no soul, no spirit behind it. I have been watching old Knicks playoff games from the 90's this week, and I forgot what it was like to have a real team play in the Garden. Even if this team wins 50 games this year (not likely), they are still soul-less. Isiah Thomas has created a team of fantasy players, each one who cares about nothing more than dollar signs. There are no winners on this team, not one. With the exception of Malik Rose, nobody on this team has won a trophy since high school. On top of that, Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis, Jamal Crawford, and Jalen Rose are all the same exact player. They may be different sizes, come to play at different spots on the court, but they are the same exact player. Selfish, shoot early and often, whiners. Each of these guys has terrible track records in every city they have played basketball in. The other stars on the team? Eddy Curry (I'm not saying I'm hoping for his heart condition to worsen and see him retire, but man it would be nice to have him gone); Nate Robinson, and Channing Frye. The jury is still out on Nate-dawg but I think he lacks the necessary fundamentals a point guard needs, you have to love his heart though. I love Channing Frye, he shows a lot of promise and hope of being the soul of this team.

If I am Isiah Thomas, I suck up the fact that I have 4 overpaid scrubs on my team, understand the fact that this team will not win more than 25 games, and start Nate-Dawg and Frye every night. Let them grow on each other and really turn into something, please don't waste my time and the time of every other Knicks fan by forcing us to watch Francis and Marbury. Even if they turn out to play well together, we all know that it won't last for more than a year. Make no mistake, all four of the super scrubs (from now on those four players will be known in this blog as the super scrubs) can play well when they want to. Marbury showed it when he got mad in Phoenix, Francis did it his first year with Yao, and Jalen Rose used to be nice in Indiana when they were contenders; but they won't last. Give us a hope and start David Lee, Robinson, and Frye, let us believe that there is a possibility of getting the old Knicks back. A team that makes New York proud.

This is the greatest basketball city in the world, nobody can dispute that, the Garden deserves to be stacked with hardcore fans again. They can't do that without a soul, and the super scrubs have no soul. I know how popular it is to knock on Isiah and comment on how awful he is, but let's move beyond that. If he can man up and at least deliver a team that comes out to play every night, than nobody can complain. All we want to see is a team that can make us proud and play hard, not a bunch of overpaid quitters.

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