Sunday, August 06, 2006

What a City

I can't even imagine what Las Vegas is like. Atlantic City was great, unbelievable really. Gambling, beautiful women, gambling, free booze, gambling, ridiculous trash humans, and gambling. A whole city built on dirty, underhanded, cash dealings and vice. Can you think of anything better? We left around 8 and were there by 10pm, I have never been so excited during a car ride my entire life. This city is built on crushed dreams, and I definitely contributed to that. Of course I fell victim to believing that I might actually win some decent cash, maybe take a limo ride home or something ridiculous for no real reason. As soon as we got there, I started at the roulette tables. Started up for the first 15 minutes or so, but collapsed and lost $30 after about a half hour. Not so bad, when you're gambling like that and you go down $30 you have to be kind of happy that it at least bought you a good amount of time. You can learn just as quickly that $30 can last you less than 30 seconds, so I wasn't too upset. At this point it was about 11:15 or so, and we went to go sign up for the poker tournament over at the Taj. Here was my biggest regret of the night, not signing up. It was an $80 buy-in but I decided I wanted to go learn craps and blackjack. Massive mistake. I left my 5 other friend in the poker room to go find some old friends who were coming down for the night that I used to work with from American Eagle.

With the American Eagle folks I hit up the craps tables. That is where I began bleeding cash. I lost $80 within 10 minutes, than I played out another $20 over about 15 more minutes. AGONIZING FEELING. Of course I was sitting there like a real gambling addict watching other people after I had blown $100, thinking that I could BEAT this game. Like I was the one person in hundreds of millions who had figured out how to correctly predict dice. That is the beautiful thing about Atlantic City, common sense tells you that this is all chance, and luck. There is absolutely no skill at all involved, but when you are down there playing the it's hard to listen to common sense. It just gets thrown out the window right along with moral conscience, money, and dignity. So for a while after that I was just putting off playing. Having fun, drinking free drinks, flirting, generally trying not to think about the money I'd lost and how bad I'd love to recoup it. Around 1:30 or so I get the urge again to play. I couldn't resist it so I ran over to the cage to take out some more cash...on my credit card. In case you don't know, casinos have this magical license to rob the life out of you, because they can. I have never seen such blatant exploitation of gambling addictions in my life. Anyways, the casino luckily rejected my credit card because it was too small, so they didn't let me pull out an additional $100 (there was also a $16 interest charge...16% fee, that's obscene). Thank God for that, I don't know what I would have done if I had another $116 on my credit card bill. After that, I bs'd around a little more, hung around the craps tables, checked out the blackjack, watched my friend Heather just through away $15 in 2 seconds, literally. So we did that scene for a minute, than we all went for a burger and a few drinks over at a 24-hour Irish pub down the boardwalk. At this point my night was basically over, more free drinks, a ridiculous boring 2 hours watching a few of my friends finish off the poker tournament, and then a drive home at 6am. I got home at 8:10am, just enough time to shower and go to work. Needless to say, I was just stupidly tired and drunk/hungover. So to give one last review, AC is awesome, everyone should go, leave your credit card at home, and don't expect to have the girls serve you more than 3 times an hour. So..anyone wanna go to AC?

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Your blog is basically a diary, so when do you write about your crush on me? Also, if you talk to Matt P tell him he just got a mention on Cigarbox Guitars.