Wednesday, August 30, 2006



1. Panthers (12-4) 1. Patriots (12-4)
2. Giants (11-5) 2. Steelers (12-4)
3. Seahawks (11-5) 3. Broncos (11-5)
4. Bears (10-6) 4. Jaguars (11-5)
5. Eagles (10-6) 5. Chargers (10-6)
6. Falcons (9-7) 6. Bengals (9-7)

NFC Wildcard

Falcons at Seahawks
Wow, Fox must be salivating at this matchup. Gross city. Seahawks should make quick work of this team at “The Loudest Stadium in Football.” I like the Falcons, just not enough to believe they can beat a real Super Bowl-caliber team.
Seahawks over Falcons

Eagles at Bears
This is proof of how bad the NFC is. I don’t think anybody would actually want to watch either of these wildcard games. This is a rematch from a blowout of a few years ago. That Eagles team was pre-T.O. and they dominated, more of the same against a ‘happy to be here’ Bears team.
Eagles over Bears

AFC Wildcard

Bengals at Broncos
Now this is a playoff matchup. How sad is it that I sat here for 10 minutes debating a fake predicted playoff game that wouldn’t happen for another 4 months anyways? My prediction? I figure if the Bengals have made it this far, Palmer must be healthy. Like I said, if he is healthy he could be the best quarterback in the NFL. As scary as Mile High is, I’m going with the Bungles.
Bengals over Broncos

Chargers at Jaguars
This will be an interesting game. I’m going to give it to the Jags for two reasons. One, I think Byron Leftwich is going to announce his abilities to carry a football team right here. Two, home field advantage definitely helps out, especially when you have to cross the country. Finally, I think that Jags D is a little feistier than the Chargers D. Either way, I’m already looking forward to this game.
Jaguars over Chargers

NFC Divisional Playoffs

Seahawks at Giants
This game is going to be played in Seattle, week 3. I gave the bye to the Giants because I think they will win that game. I think they will win this one too. No way Eli goes down in the playoffs again. His name is Eli, not Peyton, he’s the clutch one.
Giants over Seahawks

Eagles at Panthers
This is a rematch from the NFC Championship game in January 2004. This time it is in Carolina, and this time Carolina is the favorite. I think this game will be very close. McNabb isn’t just going to roll over and die, expect him to really give the Panthers a run for their money. Logic tells us though, Philly just doesn’t have the horses to keep up with Carolina.
Panthers over Eagles

AFC Divisional Playoffs

Bengals at Patriots
Remember those games when the Colts used to go up to Gilette and get wiped out. All the hype about Peyton and that great offense, and they used to go up to New England and get pooped on by Belichick. (The Colts won that Monday Night game last year and everyone forgot that it took 7 tries, the Colts still can’t beat a healthy Patriots team). Well prepare to see the same thing happen to the Bengals. A stellar offense is going to stroll into that stadium in New England, and get beat down.
Patriots over Bengals

Jaguars at Steelers
This is going to be an old-school football game. I’m going to predict a final score of something like 10-7. This is going to come down to who can move the ball with the running game. I don’t think either team really will be able to very effectively, but the weather and home field will give the Steelers the nod over the Jags.
Steelers over Jaguars

Championship Weekend

NFC Championship: Giants at Panthers
I hate the Panthers. Did I tell you that already? I’m in a tough spot here. Personally, I fully believe the Giants are good enough to beat this team, but I know I’m really just being a homer. I don’t want to write that the Panthers are good enough to go to the Super Bowl because I don’t know if I believe that. The two teams meet up in December, in Carolina, I think Carolina wins that game, and this one.
Panthers over Giants

AFC Championship: Steelers at Patriots
It had to come down to this, didn’t it? Can Big Ben get them over the Pats when it counts? I mean really these teams aren’t incredibly different from each other. Both have excellent coaches, solid but not great running backs, and shut down defenses. The big difference comes at the quarterback position. As good as Big Ben is, no Steelers fan can argue that he is as good as the best in the league, Tom Brady. Throw in home field for the Patriots, and I think that seals the deal. This will be a good game though.
Patriots over Steelers

Super Bowl XLI
Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots
Yeah, it’s a lame pick to make for the Super Bowl. Looking back at this entire preview, it lacks a little bit of creativity to be honest. I’ll pick the Patriots because of the AFC’s remarkable superiority this season (again). It’s a Super Bowl game so you can’t put too much thought into it. Unfortunately a lot of the strategy and thought get taken out of the Super Bowl, because it becomes such a nerve-wracking spectacle for the players. My 2006 NFL Champions are the New England Patriots…again.

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