Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chelsea? Chelsea? Anyone, Chelsea?

I waited an extra day to post because I wanted to sit through the first day of Champions League draws. I wasn't planning on posting entirely about Chelsea, but something has to be said now. We have reached crisis mode. Where did the goals go, guys? I remember when I first started following Chelsea, they were exciting. They played exciting, fast paced football, and took the entire league by storm. They scored goals by the dozen, and were an unstoppable, DETERMIND, wrecking crew. How good were they? The team that won the title in 2004-05, broke a few major records in the top-flight. Remember what I said last week about how important hunger was for a team? The 2004-05 Chelsea team broke the points record in the Premiership, losing only one match all season and finishing on 95 points. How many goals did they concede? 15. That's less than one goal per match. This season, through 6 matches, Chelsea have lost to Aston Villa already, and have conceded 6 goals. If you watch this team, you can just see that they lack the cohesion and the desire that they used to have. Chelsea's last five results: 1-1 to Rosenborg, 0-0 to Blackburn, 0-2 at Villa, 1-1 at Liverpool, and 1-0 to Portsmouth. One win, three draws, and a loss. A draw, at home, to Rosenborg is just completely unacceptable. Nil-Nil to Blackburn at home...AT HOME! STAMFORD BRIDGE IS A FORTRESS! Nobody has won there since 2005! Now, Rosenborg, the little Norwegian engine that could, is pulling 1-1 draws. If someone can find the real Jose Mourinho, that would be great. We need help, immediately.

If none of this makes sense, I'm sorry, I'm in a bit of rage right now. 1-1 to Rosenborg at home, in the Champions League. A home loss in the group stage of the Champions League means that Chelsea will have to make up points somewhere else while on the road. It also means that they can't screw up again. Valencia and Schalke will prove to be tough opponents for Chelsea, and I'm beginning to fear that Chelsea's season might just be over a month after the season started. I'm going to come back and read this in a day or so and realize it makes no sense to anybody. Again, I'm sorry but I had to do some venting.

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