Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My New Favorite Place

Eli Manning is being listed as week-to-week. He says he has a chance of playing on Sunday at home against the Packers. Someone should put me on suicide watch. What did I do to make myself feel better? Spent an unnecessary amount of money at my NEW favorite store. If anybody is living in the North Jersey area, I BEG you to check out the Premier Soccer Shop. It's located in Hoboken, New Jersey (157 First Street). GREAT STORE! They had a HUGE selection of jerseys, training gear, and other club paraphanelia. I bought the new Newcastle shirt and a gorgeous Chelsea track jacket. On top of that I got to hang out and talk footie with the guy running the store while we watched LA Galaxy play a snoozefest against Colorado Rapids. I hung out for an hour with the nice guy (Middlesborough fan transplanted here), and we discussed every aspect of football possible. It was much needed relief from the misery of the Eli Manning news. My only problem with the store is that they don't have a printing machine to put names and numbers on the backs of shirts, but the guy assured me that they would soon be adding one. I highly suggest a visit to the Premier Soccer Shop if anyone is in the area and they are looking for a jersey and don't feel like going online.

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