Tuesday, September 11, 2007

EPL Power Rankings

It's an international break, so I figure now is as good a time as ever to break out some Power Rankings. Let's rock out.

1. Liverpool (3-1-0) 10 pts- They're first on the table, and they have a game in hand. Their only slip up came at the hands of a disputable Chelsea penalty at Anfield. They scored 6 on Derby, giving them a goal difference of 9. This team is going to be close to impossible to stop.
2. Arsenal (3-1-0) 10 pts- Second on the table, and another team that has been fuego. Cesc Fabregas is campaigning for PFA Player of the Year. I do think they will slip a little as the season goes, because they are still a little soft.
3. Blackburn (2-2-0) 8 pts- These guys are good, and more imporantly DEEP. Benni McCarthy, Matt Derbyshire, Roque Santa Cruz, and that mountain of a man Samba in back all help build a team that will threaten to steal a Champions League spot. I don't really believe they will do that when it's all said and done, but they are good. Draws against Arsenal and Everton are nothing to sneeze at.
4. Everton (3-1-0) 10 pts- They blew Tottenham out of the water AT White Hart Lane. The only reason I put them behind Blackburn is because Blackburn drew them at Goodison Park, so one would have to think that Blackburn is the better team. I watched the game though and I'm not so sure that is a correct opinion. Watch this team to really push this year for one of those Champions League spots.
5. Newcastle United (2-2-0) 8 pts- Oh Baby! They should be 3-1-0, but Middlesborough pulled out a miracle at The Riverside. Big Sam has these boys playing wonderful football. Michael Owen is scoring goals, Obafemi Martins is still dominant, and the back four has been shored up as well with some nice buys from Bolton. TOON ARMY!
6. Chelsea (3-1-1) 10 pts- Some people would see this and call me a negative nancy, but I am intensely worried about this team. That loss to Villa wasn't the only thing to get me concerned, they haven't played well all season. They were lucky to beat Birmingham at home to open; lucky to squeeze past Portsmouth thanks to an Ashley Cole header; and they should've been down 3-0 at half to Reading and were lucky to score 2 in the 2nd in that match. They aren't clicking at all, they aren't playing that beautiful football that Roman Abramovich asked for, and the Ballack/Shevchenko drama is getting annoying. The problems at right back have not been solved by Juliano Belletti, because he was found to be not fit for Premiership play in his first match. I hope to God that there is a reason for this (Mourinho is saving it for Champions League?), but right now, this team doesn't even deserve to go to Europe next year.
7. Manchester City (3-0-2) 9 pts- Started the team on fire, but have since trailed off. They've played an interesting schedule, but I get the feeling this team already played their biggest match when they beat Man Utd. 1-0. I highly suggest for people to watch this team, they play interesting football and there is a lot of soap opera drama going on. Sven-Goran Eriksson is their manager, they have Peter Schmichel's son in net, the illegal Thai that owns the team, and all the new players they added. Take a look, its worth it.
8. Manchester United (2-2-1) 8 pts- 8 points with a severely shortened team. I have them at 8 and I promise they will rise to the top 3 in the next few weeks. Ronaldo comes back this weekend, and Rooney is almost fully healthy again. When that triumverate of Ronaldo, Rooney, and Tevez gets cooking, watch out.
9. Portsmouth (1-2-2) 5 pts- Don't be confused with the points and standings, they've played Arsenal, Manchester United, and Chelsea in their first 5 games. The fact they are still at 5 points is mighty impressive, and they should've had a draw at Chelsea if not for a lucky header out of the net by Ashley Cole.
10. Aston Villa (2-1-1) 7 pts- Dominated and out-thought Chelsea at Villa Park 2 weeks ago. Liverpool cheated to steal a win at Villa Park in the first match of the season (Gerard went down faster than Brittany Mills), this team is good. Agbonlahor, Young, and Carew make for a really interesting attacking force, but there are doubts about the backline.
11. Wigan Athletic (2-1-2) 7 pts- I highly doubt they will stay this for much longer. They have won the games they were supposed to win though.
12. West Ham United (2-1-1) 7 pts- I didn't think they had 7 points until I looked at the standings. I feel like they've been a lot worse. I give up on predicting them after the last 2 years.
13. Tottenham Hotspur (1-1-3) 4 pts- I have a soft spot for Spurs. I like Martin Jol, I like Berbatov (until United gets to him), Robbie Keane, Lennon, Defoe are all fun players. I don't get why they can't get it together and play well at the beginning of the season. I have every bit of confidence they will eventually land in that 5 spot, but if they could have come out of the box playing better we would be talking about them pushing Arsenal for the top 4. North London Derby this weekend.
14. Middlesborough (2-1-2) 7 pts- This team is trash. Sorry to fans of 'Boro, but they aren't good. I still believe they will be in a relegation fight for most of the season.
15. Fulham (1-1-3) 4 pts- U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!
16. Reading (1-1-3) 4 pts- I feel bad for them, but as well as they played Chelsea and Manchester United, they played like crap against Wigan.
17. Birmingham (1-1-3) 4 pts- Alllllmost got a draw at Stamford Bridge. Went after players up to the very last day of the transfer window. Good for Stevey Bruce, I think they have a shot at staying up.
18. Sunderland (1-1-3) 4 pts- Ehhhhhh. I wanted to believe Keano could keep these guys up this year. I like the Sunderland-Newcastle derby, but I don't know if we'll be watching that next year.
TIE FOR 20. Derby County (0-1-4) and Bolton (1-0-4)- These guys both suck. Bolton may be coming around now, but I don't think they are really going to push out of the relegation zone. As for Derby County, I really don't like them because they gave up 6 to Liverpool. Honestly, I think Derby is one of the worst teams I've ever seen, including MLS teams.

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