Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The 5 Most Important Albums of My Life

Before I dive into this little list there are a couple of things you should know. Although I may try to sound like it, I really know nothing about music. I mean that statement alone is pretty pretentious because it implies that there is a right and wrong here, and that I may have the answer to it. Another thing, this is not the five best albums of my life, or the five most important albums to other people during my life. This is more like a personal decision, kinda like having butt sex with your wife. That was wildly innappropriate; on to the list.

5. Busta Rhymes- "When Disaster Strikes"
So I probably turned about 85% of the people reading this away already. But seriously, it's a really good album. It's also the album that really brought me into rap, and away from late 90's grunge rock..and that is an important event in anyone's life. This album also features two of the greatest rap songs ever, "Dangerous" and "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See." This album is sick with it, and it is worth a good listen. I don't listen to this album anywhere near as much as I once did, but it is still super important in my musical life.

4. Nirvana- "Nevermind"
Speaking of grunge rock, here they are, Nirvana. The first band I really loved, and the first album I ever bought. Some people would argue for In Utero being the better album, and Unplugged in NY is probably my personal favorite album, but as far as importance, it's all about "Nevermind" and Smells Like Teen Spirit. The album also has the first studio cut of "Polly", and that song is legendary. It's extremely cliche to put this album on a list like this, but I don't care. I love it and it has a special spot with me.

3. Elliot Smith- "Either/Or"
Top to bottom one of the three greatest albums I have ever listened to. I'd be hardpressed to find a bad track on the album. I feel a little dirty putting the album on my list because I just picked up the cd a few months back in December, and it is still in my constant rotation. The reason that it's on here though, is because I associate it so much with my trip to England. If you haven't listened to this cd, I suggest you should, it is aural crack. The one bad thing though is that you will constantly remember that you can't see this guy live anymore, and that is reallly depressing.

2. The Streets- "Original Pirate Material"
Well, if you know me at all you had to know one of The Streets' three albums was going to make this list; it's definitely not "Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living." I really chose this album over "A Grand Don't Come for Free" purely because of one song. "Turn the Page" is my single favorite song ever. I have listened to it probably over 300 times. That is a sickness, a disease. I know there are some great songs on "Grand", and I don't listen to Turn the Page the way I used to. Still, this album did a few things. It opened me up to British rap/grime; began the newest and most recent phase of my musical life; and was probably a little more of the reason I went to England than I'd like to admit. Great album, if you haven't listened to it and you're reading this than I definitely don't know you personally; regardless, listen to this album.

1. Radiohead- "OK Computer"
This may surprise a few people I know. It doesn't have the massive amount of listens that some of the albums on this list have. I don't talk about it as much, and I definitely don't gush over it like some of the other stuff I listen to. All that said, because of this album I am listening to quality music today. If I never heard this album, I would probably still be poo-pooing some great stuff because it wasn't popular enough, or 'hood' enough for me. They made me understand good rock, good music really, and for this I thank them. I would actually have no qualms with this being number one on a greatest albums ever, favorite albums ever, most important, etc. If you haven't given this album or Kid A a listen to...well I'm not sure I want to know you then.


MC Abstract Douchipster said...

Hey, good list, and no, I didn't see OK Comp at 1. But I enjoy that it is. But I just wanted to comment that the song "Polly" kinda blows.

Anonymous said...

yeah and it's not the first studio recording of polly either. ya know, just to put that out there