Monday, July 24, 2006

The Most Blogged War

So I finally came around to the blog scene. I avoided it for a long time, seems a little ridiculous to me. But the ridiculousness took an entire new life today when CNN reported that the current Israeli-Lebanese conflict is, and I quote, "THE MOST BLOGGED WAR EVER!" Really? This is worth reporting? Despite the fact that this is the most annoying statistic ever (how does that stat even get compiled, is the Elias Sports Bureau on that?); it did the job in getting me to look a little deeper into the blog scene.

First stop, Cigarboxes and Guitars. What a blog. I can't believe I even wrote that sentence just now. Anyways, it is an intensely interesting blog if you enjoy reading about obscure music references and top 5 lists. I love the humorous pretentiousness of the writing, and suggest it to anyone and everyone. It is my inspiration and guiding light...ok, that is a bit much, but it's a good read and you should check it out.

After that, I got suckered into signing up with some website that promised to pay me for my writing. Now I was absolutely sold on this blogging thing. If I can get paid to write that means they must think I'm somewhat important, right? No, it just means I'm a foolish sucker. It had some whole advertising spiel, and I do not have the time for advertising spiels. Thank you, but uhh no thank you.

That brings me back around here. I figured the site worked so well for Cigarboxes, who am I to change things up. So I've set up shop on, and I hope everyone enjoys it. The title of the site is Rear Window, and it serves two purposes. One, it is a reference to one of the five greatest films I have ever seen. Two, I intend to comment on just about anything and everything I have any interest in, so it works as a pun as well. Watching from the Rear Window...Hitchcock would love this blog.

I'll come up with my first real post of substance tommmorow. It will almost definitely be about the conflict going on in the Middle East. By the way, the cutie at the top of the post, thats Soledad O'Brien; a.k.a. the real reason I watch CNN in the morning. Someday down the line we can credit the vixen of Beirut with my writing.

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