Wednesday, July 26, 2006

American Morning

I've alluded to my unending love for Soledad O'Brien on this page before. That love expanded today when she openly ridiculed Under Secretary of State Karen Hughes. I'll line it up for you so you can imagine it perfectly. Karen Hughes was asked why the US was not rushing to a cease-fire and Hughes said that the need was urgent, not immediate. According to Hughes, America absolutely wants to have a cease fire, but the need was urgent, not immediate. An immediate cease-fire, again according to the Bush Administration, would result in giving in to the terrorists. Soledad looked at her exactly like you would look at someone if they just took a leak on your leg. Mrs. O'Brien let the Under Secretary know that the entire world supported an immediate cease-fire, and the US was the only nation holding back the potential cease-fire. Karen Hughes's answer to this was that the US was deeply concerned about the loss of life, but stopping the fight now would be quitting half way. It's looking more and more like the theory that the pace of US diplomacy over the last week and a half has purely been a method of letting Israel have its way before international pressure forced a cessation. One last thing, besides being noticably angry and demeaning during the entire interview, Soledad commented on how Under Secretary Hughes still hasn't come close to completing her task since she was appointed. Hughes was brought in to help improve Bush Administration approval ratings across the globe, in order to help lubricate international buttcheeks. Thus far, O'Brien pointed out, approval ratings are down in every major country, including France, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, China, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and all across South America. Soledad O'Brien can be seen every morning on American Morning on CNN, opposite evil twin Miles O'Brien; and in my dreams every night.

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