Friday, July 28, 2006

Jimmy Fallon Must Die

I just finished my second Nicholas Hornby book in as many weeks. First, I read Fever Pitch, and I followed that up with High Fidelity. I thought both books were extremely entertaining, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading both. Fever Pitch was a little more fun because of the football (soccer) element; but that is not a knock on High Fidelity. After reading Fever Pitch though, man I am really hateful of Jimmy Fallon. Like I really don't like that guy.

Fever Pitch has NOTHING to do with the following: Baseball, Boston Red Sox, Curses, Women, Former alcoholic child stars, washed up SNL stars, and it is certainly not a love story. I haven't seen the movie, but remarkably I have heard that it contains all of those things. Fever Pitch is the greatest explanation of fandom to the person who is not a fan. Actually, it is a great explanation of fandom even to those who are fans. Fever Pitch does a great job of breaking down why we obsess over these teams. Even if you do not follow English soccer, and you have no idea about anything that is soccer, it is ok. You can read this book and understand what Hornsby is talking about. More than explaining the psyochology of the fan, it demonstrates the need that sports fills in men. I'm not going to get all into how he does this, and I'm not going to go too deep into the great intricacies that Hornsby goes into, but I will say that if you are a man you should read this book. Non-sports fans can read it too, just substitute sports in the book with your own personal obsession. Every man has one, just sub that in for soccer. That is part of the greatness of the book, that it can resonate with any man, you do not have to be a sports nut. And if you are into music, than the next book is definitely a must-read.

High Fidelity is hysterical. It is ultra hysterical. It is also intensely frustrating, and intensely sad at points. Music fans will love the book for the obscure references, and the existence of Barry and Dick. Everybody knows at least one person like Barry (you know who you are) and that alone is reason to read the book. But even if you are not a music fan, again the book will resonate. Sure, some of the references will go over your head, just like a few in Fever Pitch may go over the non-sports fan's head; but nothing that would make you not understand the book. It is essentially a story about growing up. Men will love the book because of the way it perfectly describes every relationship you have ever been in with a girl, and it especially will hit home if you are in college or about to graduate, and are getting ready to move know..that thing. Both books were excellent, some of the most fun I have ever had reading since the 2nd grade. Pick them up anywhere, both are available in paperback and they are pretty easy reads.


MC Abstract Douchipster said...

I take issues with you bashing a movie you haven't seen. And someone should tell Dom that he is the one that reminds everyone of Barry and Dick...and that trumpet players are cool.

Anonymous said...

If I'm Barry, it's only cause I'm awesome.