Thursday, July 27, 2006

8 Updates and Revisions

Few corrections from the EPL preview:
1. Ruud was sold and signed today, Real Madrid picked him up on the cheap
2. Wigan's Pascal Chimbonda is actually really good, I typed really bad, but I meant really good.
3. When I wrote Everton would prove their worth for 2008, what I was saying was that they are a really young team and will show glimmers of hope for the following year, most notably against Liverpool in the Merseyside Derby
4. I wrote that Glenn Roeder promised 7 signings. That was a bit of an exaggeration, I don't know where I pulled the number 7 from. He did promise several key signings, and a bolstering of the strike team though.
5. I'm not going to change it now, but I already deeply regret putting Man City at 7...what was I thinking?
6. I should have expounded a little more on the sickness of Tottenham's Michael Carrick, like letting you know that Tottenham have now rejected two bids from Fergie for the England midfielder.
7. Mourinho came out today and said two different things. First, he wants to be a part of Chelsea leged..nice. And second, that he doesnt need to worry about defenders. Sounds cocky, but if we have learned anything it is that we should not distrust Mr. Mourinho a.k.a. the chosen one.
8. And finally, Charlton Athletic play at The Valley not The Riverside. The Riverside is home to Middlesborough. Honestly though if those clubs were any more similar, they'd be the same.

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